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Brewing Science Minor

The brewing science program was created for students interested in understanding the biological and chemical principles of brewing as it follows the process from “malting grains to a pint” and how to maintain consistent quality in the brews. The minor is targeted for those students interested in working in the brewing industry or the homebrewer that wants to improve their skills.

Students will learn brewing techniques and develop skills at both the homebrew and microbrew levels using the American Society of Brewing Chemists methods of analysis. The theoretical knowledge and hands-on work will educate students on the scientific and technical features of brewing, have an appreciation for the rich landscape of the industry and address sustainability opportunities by the industry. Through completion of the brewing minor, students will gain a well-rounded knowledge of the brewing industry to complement their major field of study.

Who Can Enroll?
The minor is open to students across the university. Students will be accepted into the minor once they have completed the prerequisite courses with a grade point average of C- or higher.

Any questions can be directed to Dr. Luis Rodriguez-Saona, Food Science and Technology Advisor.

Brewing Science Minor Required Courses

Brewing Up A New Minor - Spring 2022 Agrinaturalist

Brewing Science With this minor, you will learn skills that can be applied to any career by integrating various fields of study towards making an enjoyable product, navigating from the raw materials through the intricate steps in the brewing process, quality control, marketing, and management.