FoodS.U.R.E. Undergraduate Student Research


Our goal in Food Science and Technology is to engage undergraduates at all ranks in research. Please contact Brittany Miles or Amy Andes to get started or to ask questions.

This initiative aims at engaging undergraduates at all ranks in research.foodsure
We believe that conducting research enhances the learning experiences of students through:

1.   Understanding the scientific process
2.   Engaging in innovation and discovery
3.   Participating in problem solving techniques
4.   Enabling interaction with faculty mentors and others doing research
5.   A better understanding of what it would be like as a graduate student

The program entails the following:

A.   The student finds a Food Science and Technology faculty advisor and engages in research for at least one semester: the area of research is completely up to the student. Advisor must agree to supervise the student during the agreed upon term of research (sign and date Form A)
B.   Student must register in FST 4999 (follow all requirements for CFAES Guidelines for Graduating with Research Distinction). Click here for guidelines.
C.   Student must comply with all safety and other regulations (such as human subjects etc.) that are necessary for research in the advisor’s laboratory.  Online modules must be completed before beginning research.
D.   Prior to beginning research, the CANVAS research module must be completed.
E.   Attend bi-weekly seminars led by FoodS.U.R.E. coordinator. Meetings should be attended throughout the duration of the research project.
F.    Present research at CFAES research forum in the spring.
G.   Apply for the $1750/project food science award. $750 will be directed to the faculty mentor’s laboratory (Form B) and $1000 will be awarded to the student as a scholarship. Student can be funded for only one project at a time but are eligible for multiple projects during their studies.
H.   If a student continues to meet the FoodS.U.R.E. requirements (see points A-G above), they are encouraged to participate in the program over multiple years.

Role of research faculty advisor:
The faculty advisor agrees to mentor the undergraduate student in research for the duration of the project. Expectations for the research project need to be agreed upon between the student and faculty mentor (Form C). The faculty advisor will receive compensation in the amount of $750 per student per year to offset costs associated with that student’s research project (e.g. supplies, travel to meetings, disposables etc.). The student will receive $1000/project for engaging in research. If the project requires additional funds, these will need to be sought elsewhere.