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Department of Food Science and Technology


Research and Centers

FST faculty conduct integrated multi-disciplinary research programs in support of developing technological and scientific solutions that satisfy the needs of the consumer and food industry. Research areas covered by our program are:

  • Chemistry/Food and Health: This includes pigment, lipid, protein, carbohydrate and flavor volatile chemistry, sensory evaluation including immersive technologies, product development, phytochemicals, and clinical trials for functional foods. Also, analytical techniques, FTIR applications, applications of Nuclear Magnetic Resonance spectroscopy (NMR) and metabolomics.
  • Microbiology/Food Safety: This covers pathogenic, spoilage, beneficial and commensal foodborne microorganisms. Phenomena investigated include antibiotic resistance, biofilm formation, rapid detection, new antimicrobials, and microbiology of emerging technologies. Also, food safety with an emphasis on foodborne disease epidemiology, informatics/biostatistics, and risk analysis.
  • Food Processing/Engineering and Packaging: The program emphasizes emerging food processing technologies, and sustainability. Technologies covered include high pressure processing, pressure-assisted thermal processing, and high pressure homogenization, clean-in-place, extrusion technology, food processing modelling, membrane processing, physicochemical properties of foods and their role in processing and antimicrobial packaging.

Click here for a list of our faculty and their areas of expertise.

Research Centers
There are a number of centers that operate out of the department. These centers provide expertise and support towards our goal of ensuring a global food supply that is both safe and healthy. Their efforts in advancing research and education work towards helping communities thrive. More information about each center can be found by going directly to their website.

  • Alternative Matters – This is a Multidisciplinary Applied Collaborative created to explore alternatives to unsustainable materials with a focus on biobased--biodegradable packaging, plastic recycling, and reuse.
  • Center for Advanced Functional Foods Research and Entrepreneurship – The CAFFRE mission is to serve as a catalyst for research and development of novel functional foods and components that will enhance health
  • Center for Advanced Processing and Packaging Studies – CAPPS is designed to foster partnerships between industry and universities for the mutual benefit of both parties and the advancement of food processing and packaging research.
  • Center for Clean Food Process Technology Development - The center's mission is to contribute to the development of innovative food processing and sanitation technologies that satisfy consumer demand for safe, minimally processed nutritious foods with minimal or no use of synthetic preservatives.
  • Center for Foodborne Illness Research and Prevention – CFI’s mission is to advance a stronger, more science-based food safety system that prevents foodborne illness and protects public health.
  • Flavor Research and Education Center – FREC brings together academic and industry leaders to discover innovative solutions that address the challenges of the food flavor industry.
  • Food Industries Center – The FIC provides food industry companies, the Department of Food Science and Technology, and related institutions with technical and scientific services through education, research, and product development with highly skilled personnel, fully equipped pilot plants, and teaching facilities
  • Food Innovation Center – This center’s mission is to improve global life quality by inspiring sustainable multi-disciplinary food solutions.
  • Nutrient and Phytochemical Analytic Shared Resource - NPASR provides analytical support to The OSU research community with an emphasis on studies involving foods for cancer prevention.
  • Sensory Evaluation Center - Full service sensory evaluation & consumer testing.

Undergraduate Research

The Department of Food Science and Technology encourages and supports undergraduate research. FoodS.U.R.E. is a program within the department that connects undergraduate students with faculty to provide a meaningful research experience. These opportunities are available to students at all ranks as we believe that undergraduate students participating in research contributes to an enhanced learning experience. 

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Faculty Research