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Food Science and Technology News: June 2019 Highlights

  • Dr. Devin Peterson has been named the faculty director for the Foods for Health (FFH) program, part of the Discovery Themes initiative.
  • Dr. Rafael Jiménez-Flores, the J. T. “Stubby” Parker Endowed Chair in Dairy Foods, assumed the role of president of the American Dairy Science Association® (ADSA®) during the 2019 ADSA Annual Meeting held earlier this month. He will serve as president of the association for one year.
  • The Institute of Food Technologist’s IFT19 was held in New Orleans this month and our department was well represented during the annual meeting. We had over 40 students and faculty participating this year in some capacity that included, but not limited to, poster presentations, competition finalists, student leadership, panelists, and speakers. OSUFST highlights during the meeting included:
    IFT Achievement Awards - Dr. Valente Alvarez received the Bor S. Luh International Award, Dr. Mary Kay Pohlschneider received the Elizabeth Fleming Stier Award, Dr. Ahmed Yousef received the Gerhard Haas Award, Dr. Ken Lee received the Myron Solberg Award, and Dr. Monica Giusti received the William V. Cruess Excellence in Teaching Award.
    Kuanrong Zhu placed 2nd in the Undergraduate Research Competition oral presentation.
    Graduate Student Poster Competition - Gonzalo Miyagusuku Cruzado placed 1st and Xiaoyi Zhu placed 3rd in the Food Chemistry oral competition, Yucheng Zhou placed 2nd in the Fruits and Vegetable poster competition, and Amanda Sia placed 1st in the Quality Assurance poster competition.
    Other finalists from the department included: Hacer Akpolat, Peren Aykas, Maria Izabel Milani, and Luju Ren. In addition, the following students and Post Docs presented posters during the annual meeting: Jacquelyn Blanchard, Ariel Garsow, Shengyue Shan, and Dr. Hardy Castada.
    The FST College Bowl team traveled to IFT to compete as the Midwest Regional winners and placed second overall in the national competition. Jenna Fryer, Eric Yale, Aishwarya Badiger, and Abbie Sommer represented the team in the final competition.
    Division Recognition - Dr. Ahmed Yousef and Dr. VM Bala Balasubramaniam were among the 23 individuals recognized for their outstanding contributions in research, industrial outreach, and the advancement of various Nonthermal Processing technologies during the twenty year celebration of the IFT Nonthermal Processing Division.
    Dr. Devin Peterson taught a short course and Drs. VM Bala Balasubramaniam, Emmanuel Hatzakis, Christopher Simons, and Ahmed Yousef presented during various sessions.
  • The American Dairy Science Association’s Annual Meeting also took place this month in Cincinnati and a number of students from the department participated.
    Post Doc Dr. Alice Marciniak placed 1st in the graduate student oral competition. Gonzalo Miyagusuku Cruzado and Karen Wang were also finalists in this competition.
    Stiphany Tieu placed 1st in “Undergraduate Original Research Poster Competition”
    Erica Kosmerl placed 3rd in the graduate student poster competition. Alba Mayta-Apaza was also a finalist in this competition.
  • The Columbus Dispatch featured Dr. Yael Vodovotz, Post-Doctoral Researcher Xiaoying Zhao, Dr. Katina Cornish and their research into a biodegradable plastic alternative that is being honed for marketplace.
  • Dr. VM Bala Balasubramaniam presented "Research Advances in Nonthermal Processing Technologies for Food" at the National Conference on Emerging Techniques in Food Processing, Indian Institute of Food Processing Technology (IIFPT) via online webinar. 
  • Congratulations to our Ocean Spray product development team of Elliot Dhuey, Hannah Mehle, Eric Kosmerl, Fenfen Tang, and Megan Hoehn on the 3rd place finish at the final competition held earlier this month at Ocean Spray headquarters.
  • Pressure Bioscience Inc. has announced a collaboration with Dr. VM Bala Balasubramaniam to Study Pressure and Shear Effects on Pathogen Inactivation, Stability, and Quality. Click here to read more.
  • FST grad student Abbie Sommer blogged about soy in a recent IFTSA Science Meets Food Blog.
  • Dr. Yael Vodovotz, Dr. Osvaldo Campanella and Dr. Emmanuel Hatzakis are now part of a new Center for Applied Plant Sciences-sponsored Scientific Team (BAIT) led by Dr. Vodovotz. CAPS has committed $567,500 for the first two years of the project and it is part of an interdisciplinary team that will work to develop bioplastic alternatives using agricultural and food processing waste streams.
  • Dr. VM Bala Balasubramaniam and his laboratory associates Shreya Kamat and Jerish Joyner organized the 2019 USDA NIFA Food Manufacturing Technologies Annual Grantees’  meeting that was held during 2019 IFT Annual meeting.

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