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Food Science and Technology News: January 2022 Department Highlights

  • Ohio State News featured a study recently published in the journal Food Quality and Preference that indicates perception can outrank taste buds in consumer sensory testing. Dr. Christopher Simons was the lead author of the study and co-authors included Dr. Maria Cotter, Morgan Whitecotton, and Dr. Devin Peterson. Dr. Cotter received her PhD in Food Science from Ohio State in 2021 and Morgan received her bachelor’s degree in Food Science from Ohio State in 2019.
  • FST graduate student Kym Man was recently interviewed about her research by Ohio State’s Knowledge Exchange. Click here to watch a clip of it.
  • Congratulations to FST students Brianda Gonzalez Orozco and Fenfen Tang who have recently been inducted into Phi Tau Sigma. Phi Tau Sigma (ΦΤΣ) is the one and only Honor Society for Food Science and Technology. Brianda is a PhD student and is advised by Dr. Valente Alvarez. Fenfen is also a PhD student and is advised by Dr. Emmanuel Chatzakis.
  • On January 10 – 14, the Food Industries Center trained FDA, NOAA, U.S. Army, and state regulators through the FD152 Food Processing & Technology virtual course. Dr. Valente B. Alvarez led a team of collaborators from FST, FABE, and the food industry, including numerous staff and graduate students, and the following faculty:  Dr. V.M. 'Bala' BalasubramaniamDr. Sheryl Barringer, Dr. Osvaldo Campanella, Dr. Dennis Heldman, Dr. Rafael Jimenez-FloresDr. Melvin PascallDr. Mary Kay Pohlschneider, and Dr. Sudhir Sastry. The 5 day course provided an overview of the basic principles in food processing, technology, and awareness of associated equipment used to ensure the safety of manufactured foods.
  • Nominations are open for the 2022 FST Hall of Distinction. Established in 2013, the Hall of Distinction seeks to recognize graduates and friends of the Department of Food Science and Technology at The Ohio State University who have made significant contributions to the food science and technology profession. Click here for more information and the nomination form.
  • The department’s Spring 2022 seminar schedule is published on the FST website under ‘About Us’ and takes place on Wednesday’s from 4:00 pm -5:00 pm in Parker Food Science and Technology room 118 and also via Zoom. Please email or if you would like the link to any of the seminars. All are welcome to attend.

Upcoming Events
February 2                    Department Seminar
          Student Presentations: Zhong Dong and Chong Teng
February 3                    Student Seminar
          Steve Hill, PhD; Vice President R&D and Quality at the T. Marzetti Company
February 9                    Department Seminar
          Student Presentations: Jasper Limon and Howard Park
February 16                  Department Seminar
          Dr. John van Duynhoven, Wageningen University
February 21 – 24           Food Industries Center Training Course
          Better Process Control School (BPCS)-FDA Certified. Curso requerido por la FDA para fabricantes de alimentos enlatados o en otros envases
February 23                   Department Seminar
          Student Presentations: Willow Chan and Terrence Dent
March 2                          Department Seminar
          Student Presentations: Ariel Garsow and Jennifer Janovick
March 9                          Department Seminar
          Student Presentations: Kym Man and Shengyue Shan
March 14 – 18                The Ohio State University Spring Break
March 14 – 17                Food Industries Center Training Course
          Better Process Control School
March 23                        Department Seminar
Student Presentations: Ellia La and Xiaoyan Tan
March 30                        Department Seminar
          Food Industry Professional Panel