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Food Science and Technology News: FST Special Edition Newsletter - 2021 Summer Graduation

Congratulations FST SU21 Graduates!!

      Once again, graduating FST students have been given an opportunity to share with us some of their favorite memories of their time at Ohio State in this special edition newsletter. Many also took the opportunity to give a shoutout to those that supported them, befriended them, and helped make the journey one to remember.
      It's been 4.5 semesters of students learning and conducting research during a global pandemic. Reduced in-person classes and  virtual classes made up this academic year. Masks, social distancing, COVID testing, and vaccinations became part of the daily existence for students at The Ohio State University. We could not be prouder of the way our OSUFST community has rallied together to support each other and to continue moving forward in this unprecedented time in history. Our students displayed versatility in the face of adversity, and we are confident that this will serve them well in their careers.
      Congratulations to all the students from the Department of Food Science and Technology who have graduated this summer. We are proud of all that you have accomplished and hope that you will stay connected. Come back to visit and be sure to meet up with us as we continue to engage in various professional food science forums around the world. Just remember, you’re a #BuckeyeForLife.

Undergraduate Students
Olivia Jodway
– [Food Science and Technology]

Graduate Students
Shivani Badiger
– Shivani’s favorite memory at OSU was the very first student involvement fair that she attended on the Oval in Fall 2019. She says she was astonished by the large number of clubs, organizations and facilities present in OSU. She will also cherish her memories in RPAC when she visited the place for swimming almost every day in Fall 2019. She would also like to give a shout out to all the Jimenez lab members for making workplace such a fun place to be in! Shivani received a master’s degree and was advised by Dr. Rafael Jimenez-Flores.
Sydney Grouge – Sydney’s favorite memory at Ohio State was the Thanksgiving meal that the department put on in November of her first semester. The food was amazing, and she loved how the whole department came together like a family. For someone new to the department, this was a great way to feel included and meet new people. Sydney received a master’s degree and was advised by Dr. Monica Giusti.
Mitchell Hoysock – Mitch’s favorite memory at Ohio State was stopping by Dr. Maleky’s lab group each week to chat with Terrence, Cliff, and Shoshana. He’d like to thank Dr. Knipe for all of his support and guidance throughout grad school, his family for always being there, and his fiancée Amanda for bringing dinner to campus on days he was in the lab late (she always brought chocolate milk with dinner too!). Mitch received a master’s degree and was advised by Dr. Lynn Knipe.
Veeramani Karuppuchamy – Veeramani’s favorite memory was visiting The Ohio State University campus for the first time when he was here for the department’s recruiting event. He also wanted to want to thank Dr. Heldman and the FST department for giving him this opportunity to be a part of OSU and his lab friends for their support. Veeramani received a master’s degree and was advised by Dr. Dennis Heldman.
Abigail Krentz – Abbie is forever thankful for the friend she found in Shivani Badiger! She said that over the past 2 years they’ve grown together as scientists, colleagues, and friends. Abbie received a master’s degree and was advised by Dr. Rafael Jimenez-Flores.
Danielle Voss – Danielle’s favorite moments are the conversations and friendships with her fellow graduate students who she met through College Bowl, Citation Needed, and while working in the lab and office space as well as attending the 2019 Big 10-Championship game. She'd like to thank her advisor Dr. Giusti, her fellow Giusti lab mates, and her family for their never-ending support and encouragement. Danielle received a master’s degree.
Aaron Beczkiewicz – Aaron’s favorite memory was attending the first international food safety conference at the African Union in Addis Ababa (Feb 2019) as part of TARTARE. Also, college bowl. Aaron received his PhD and was advised by Dr. Barbara Kowalcyk.
Gary L. Closs Jr. – One of Gary’s favorite memories at Ohio State was traveling to Guatemala with the Center for Foodborne Illness Research and Prevention. However, he noted that his good memories are plentiful and that is in large due to the people he’s met along the way. He is thankful to them, his family, and friends for their love and support. Gary received a PhD and was advised by Dr. Gireesh Rajashekara.
Maria Cotter – Maria has two favorite memories of her time at Ohio State. She absolutely loved working with undergraduate students while teaching and working in the lab. It was lots of fun to see them get excited about sensory science. She also enjoyed grad student potlucks and wintertime cookie exchanges with other Howlett Basement People. Maria received her PhD and was advised by Dr. Christopher Simons.
Chengyu Gao – Chengyu would like to give a shout out to his advisor Dr. Peterson and all the colleagues at the Flavor Research and Education Center (FREC) who supported and inspired him throughout his time here. Chengyu received a PhD.
Hao Lin – Hao received a PhD and was advised by Dr. Devin Peterson.
Alba Mayta Apaza – Alba truly enjoyed working in a lab as collaborative and passionate about their craft. Also, she enjoyed celebrating all the birthdays and special occasions with the Dairy program - it was energizing. She would like to thank her advisor Dr. Jimenez for all his encouragement, patience, and the opportunity to be part of a wonderful team - the postdocs and lab mates that she had the pleasure to work with.  And her family for the love and support! Alba received a PhD and was advised by Dr. Rafael Jimenez-Flores.
Gonzalo Miyagusuku Cruzado – Gonzalo's favorite memory at OSU was winning the soccer intramurals in 2019 with a team significantly older than the average. Also, he has beautiful memories of attending congresses and competing against exceptional graduate students from other universities. He would like to express gratitude to his advisor, Dr. Monica Giusti, past and present labmates, and the Department of Food Science and Technology for their support. Also, a huge shout out to his family and friends for all their love. Gonzalo received a PhD.