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Cooperstone named Chair-Elect of Carotenoid and Retinoid Research Interest Group

Aug. 27, 2019

Assistant Professor Dr. Jessica Cooperstone has been elected Chair-Elect of the American Society for Nutrition's Carotenoid and Retinoid Research Interest Group (CARIG).

CARIG’s mission is to promote member research into nutritional roles, functions, and actions of carotenoids and their metabolites; provide a mechanism for the dissemination of new research; serve as a liaison representing the interests of the carotenoid research community to government agencies and other organizations; promote and support the training of young researchers; and communicate to the wider research community and the public. Current and archived issues of CARIG’s semiannual newsletter “Carotenoid & Retinoid News” can be accessed through the CARIG NutriLink community or through the International Carotenoid Society’s website (scroll to bottom to see archived listing).