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Graduate Research Associate Positions

Most students are supported by fellowships or associateships and both the university and college offer a variety of competitive opportunities for graduate students. Tuition is paid for all students on these types of appointments. Department associateships are also available with many graduate students receiving support on research associateships provided by individual faculty members. Our faculty have a wide range a diverse areas of research expertise and can be communicated with directly.

Listed below are a few of those department opportunities:

Graduate Research Associate (Food Process Engineering)

Microbiological safety of high pressure based ultra-shear technology
The Ohio State University, Departments of Food, Agricultural and Biological Engineering (FABE) / Food Science and Technology Center for Clean Process Technology Development ( is recruiting a doctoral level graduate research associate student. Successful candidate will be a part of a university-industry multidisciplinary team and conduct research on food safety engineering aspects Ultra shear technology for beverage food processing.

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