Food Science and Technology

Food Science is a science based major that is applied to food. The classes you will take as a Food Science student will immerse you in the food industry from the very beginning. Creating foods in a production setting and evaluating them in a laboratory setting is integrated into our introductory classes and all the way through to graduation. Along the way you will have opportunities to learn about and work with experts in fruits and vegetables, meats and dairy products, processing, food chemistry and food safety. Our graduates have found real-world careers working for companies such as Bob Evans, Coca-Cola and Nestle just to name a few. 

Career Options 

  • Product Development
  • Quality Assurance
  • Plant Management
  • Food Processing Operations
  • Food Microbiology and Safety
  • Technical Sales 
  • Flavor Chemist 
  • Analytical Services 
  • Food Research 
  • Regulatory Compliance 

What Will I Study?

If you are interested in microbiology, chemistry, engineering and food, this is the major for you! As a student in Food Science, you will study food from a scientific perspective and have opportunities to create new food products and develop new ways to manufacture, preserve and package food products. You can learn about the science of brewing, the history of beer and wine, the culinary aspects of food science and even the science of chocolate.