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Department of Food Science and Technology


Food Business Management

Food Business Management is a unique blend of chemistry, economics, engineering, marketing and biology. The classes you will take as a Food Business Management student at Ohio State will provide you with experience in creating and analyzing foods, as well as develop a knowledge base in economics and business operations of food processing. Along the way you will have opportunities to learn about and work with experts in sales, fruits and vegetables, meats and dairy products, economics, marketing of food products and food safety.

Career Options 

  • Plant Management
  • Process Operations 
  • Communications and Marketing 
  • Product Development 
  • Quality Assurance 
  • Ingredient Sales or Purchasing
  • Marketing 
  • FDA/USDA Inspector 
  • HACCP Manager 
  • Consumer Affairs Specialist
  • Human Resources 


What Will I Study?

The business of making and selling food is a broad discipline. If you are interested in marketing, economics, technology, and food, this is the major for you! As a student in Food Business Management, you will study food from a scientific perspective and the food industry from a business point of view. You will have opportunities to create new food products and develop new ways to manufacture, preserve and package food products. At the same time, you will build knowledge of business, accounting, and personnel management.