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Department of Food Science and Technology


Culinary Science

Culinary Science combines the creativity of culinary arts with the technical knowledge of food science into one fun and exciting program. The classes you will take as a Culinary Science student at Ohio State will provide you with experience in creating and analyzing foods as well as a knowledge base in food processing, food safety, and food quality. Culinary Scientists work in the food industry, academia, government positions, and private consulting.

Career Optionculinary

  • Product Development 
  • Caterer
  • Club Manager
  • Kitchen Manager 
  • Vocational School Educator
  • Restaurant Chef 
  • Personal Chef 
  • Ingredient Sales 
  • Traveling Chef
  • Artisanal Baker 


What Will I Study?

If you are a foodie, this is the major for you! The Culinary Science major is a unique degree program. After completing an Associate of Applied Science in Culinary Science from an accredited culinary institute, you will transfer to Ohio State to complete the Food Science portion of your degree. Each Culinary Science student is assigned a faculty advisor from the Department of Food Science and Technology. You will be able to apply your culinary knowledge to food science classes such as Food Product Development and Food Processing.