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Food Science and Technology is a multi-disciplinary field that applies fundamental scientific principles to the research, development, manufacture, packaging, storage, and marketing of food products. In this discipline biology, chemistry, engineering, microbiology, biochemistry, toxicology, management, and other basic and applied sciences are used to study the nature of foods, the causes of their deterioration, and the principles underlying food processing. After graduation, students in our majors are qualified for positions that range from Quality Assurance Manager or Product Developer to Flavor Chemist or FDA Inspector. In a world of ever-increasing population, food science professionals are in high demand to help provide healthy and safe food to a hungry planet. Our graduates help to feed the world!

Your degree will give you experience in the food industry even before you graduate. Students participate in internships that give them an opportunity to see what professionals in the food industry really do. The Food Science Club is an organization made up of undergraduate and graduate students that is active professionally, socially and as a service group. There are product development teams and a college bowl team that offer opportunities to compete nationally. The Department of Food Science and Technology delivers the ultimate blend of rigorous courses, hands-on experience, extracurricular opportunities, and industry partnerships to prepare you for your career.

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