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Food Science and Technology News: FST Special Edition Newsletter – 2024 Spring Semester Graduation

Congratulations to our FST SP24 Grads!

Our 2024 spring graduating students have been given an opportunity to share with us some of their favorite memories of their time at Ohio State in this special edition newsletter. Many also took the opportunity to give a shoutout to those that supported them, befriended them, and helped make the journey one to remember.

Congratulations to all the students from the Department of Food Science and Technology who have graduated this semester. We are proud of all that you have accomplished and hope that you will stay connected. Come back to visit and be sure to meet up with us as we continue to engage in various professional food science forums around the world. Just remember, you are a #BuckeyeForLife

Be sure to check out the SP24 Graduate Photo Album, too.

Lydia Ainsworth - My favorite memories at Ohio State have all been centered around making memories with friends and classmates! Within FST, I loved attending the Thanksgiving Lunch with all my peers. We told funny stories from classes, ate delicious food, and formed new bonds with one another. At Ohio State in general, I had a blast attending football games with friends and storming the field after a big win against Penn State. My friends and I took tons of pictures, and I had a huge grin the entire time! [Food Business Management]
Julianna Andres - [Food Science and Technology]
Eric Armstrong -My favorite memory during my tenure here at OSU would have to be being able to, in collaboration with Columbus Brewing Company, come up with a beer recipe, brew it, and eventually taste it. I would like to thank my parents for encouraging me and supporting me throughout college. I would also like to thank Dr. Luis Rodriguez-Saona and my mentor Cameron Jordan for supporting me throughout my undergraduate research project.  [Food Science and Technology]
Anya Barrera - [Culinary Science]
Rachel Barrett - My favorite OSU FST memory is hanging out with my food science friends after our first capstone class. Thank you to all my family and friends that have been my rock throughout college! [Food Science and Technology]
Murphy Carroll - My favorite memory at OSU was when Dr. Yousef asked our Food Microbiology class if a hot dog was a sandwich, which sparked a debate that lasted the entire rest of the semester. I’d like to thank Dr. Rodriguez, Celeste Matos-Gonzalez, and the entire FST staff for their continued support that helped to make my years at OSU so special. [Food Science and Technology]
Jenny Cong - [Food Business Management]
Noah Dameron - My favorite memory at Ohio State has been getting involved with undergraduate research. This experience helped me to learn more about the research process, explore topics that go beyond the classroom, and discover what I wanted to do post-graduation. Thank you to the faculty and graduate students who have become valuable mentors and have helped me through my undergraduate degree. [Food Science and Technology]
Andrea Esselburn - Some of my favorite Ohio State memories include going to football games in The Shoe, making ice cream for dairy processing, and being involved with a variety of CFAES clubs. I’m thankful to have made some of the best friends at such a great university. [Food Business Management]
Nicholas Fox - My favorite memory at Ohio State is participating in my research lab under Dr Wang and applying all the skills and techniques I learned from my food science courses that may make a difference in the world of antibiotic resistance one day. I would like to shout out all of my food science professors as well as my family for helping me with this journey! [Food Science and Technology]
Dominick Goodman - [Food Science and Technology]
Micah Graham - Favorite Ohio State Memory: Some of my favorite Ohio State Memories are the time I spent developing a product with my team in the food product development course and all the events I was a part of for my student orgs. I want to thank my family and all the friends I’ve made during my time here that have supported me and made things much more enjoyable. I also want to give thanks to Dr. Pohlschneider and Dr. Rodriguez for being such great professors and people that you can easily come to for any help. [Food Science and Technology]
Talia Katz - My favorite memory would be hanging out with other Food Science students in Parker lobby before or after class and forming all of my food science department friends. [Food Science and Technology]
Sieun Kim - [Food Science and Technology]
Shana Ling - My favorite memory here has been making lifelong friendships! [Food Science and Technology]
Molly Lowe - My favorite memory at Ohio State was studying abroad in Panama to expand my knowledge about agriculture. I loved getting to combine my love for learning and traveling along fellow students of all majors. This was a part of my STEP Fellowship, and I am so grateful I had the opportunity to use this funding for a study abroad experience. [Food Business Management]
Julia Marino - [Food Science and Technology]
Connor McGowan - [Food Science and Technology]
Evan Morley - [Food Business Management]
LeAnn Regula - [Food Science and Technology]
Andrew Sands - [Food Science and Technology]
Joseph Schemer - Favorite memories at Ohio State have always been waking up super early in the morning every week for Game Days. I'd like to give out a shout out to my friends and family for being so supportive through my time at OSU. [Food Business Management]
David Shaw - [Culinary Science]
Nicholas Shuler - [Culinary Science]
Sakura Sugiyama - My favorite memory from OSU is getting to spend time with friends that I made in different classes and clubs. [Food Science and Technology]
Jocelyn Swan - [Food Business Management]
Kaylie Williams - My favorite memory at Ohio State has been sitting in the Parker Lobby before classes every day and doing all of the New York Times mini crossword puzzles and Connections games with the whole gang. I loved making ice cream in the Dairy Plant and will never forget burning lots of Stevia in the Pilot Plant to make the worst tasting applesauce of all time in our ideation phase of product development. To say my time here has been special would be an understatement. Excited to be a Buckeye for life! [Food Business Management]

Graduate Students:
Matthew Chrusciel – My favorite part of my masters was watching the sunrise most days. Matthew received a master’s degree and was advised by Dr. Rafael Jimenez-Flores.
Zijie Feng – Zijie received a master’s degree and was advised by Dr. Emmanuel Hatzakis.
Ashley Kuchta – Ashley received a master’s degree and was advised by Dr. Yael Vodovotz.
Celeste Matos – My favorite memory at Ohio State was attending my first football game at The Shoe. I still remember the final score of Minnesota Golden 3 and Ohio State Buckeyes 37. Football is not a popular game in my home country, the Dominican Republic, and I was unsure if I would attend because I did not completely understand the rules then. But my friends explained the game and the rules to me while watching the game. It was a great experience; we ate hot dogs, a friend brought HotHands Warmers, which kept us warm, and the halftime show by The Ohio State Marching Band was spectacular. Also, all the activities happening before the game showed me how kind the American culture is, through sharing food and drinks and having a good time together even if they don’t know each other. Celeste received a master’s degree and was advised by Dr. Luis Rodriguez-Saona
Elizabeth Rogers – Ellie received a master’s degree and was advised by Dr. Hua Wang.
Megan Booth – My favorite memory at Ohio State was winning the college bowl national championship at the IFT FIRST meeting in Chicago in July 2022. I had so much fun studying all sorts of food science trivia and hanging out with amazing friends in the department. Megan received a PhD and was advised by Dr. Devin Peterson.
Shoshana Ginsburg – While there are so many memories to choose from over the years, my favorite ones were when I got to spend time with friends. Over the years I have met so many people at OSU and have made some close friends. My favorite times were when I would grab coffee with a friend or go on a stroll with them around campus. Shoshana received a PhD and was advised by Dr. Rafael Jimenez-Flores.
Fan He – Fan received a PhD and was advised by Dr. Jiyoung Lee
Zhen Qin – Zhen received a PhD and was advised by Dr. S.T. Yang
Silvette Ruiz-Ramirez – Some of my favorite moments at Ohio State were the department’s Thanksgiving lunch, getting the CFAES internal grant, making yogurt and cheese at the pilot plant as a dairy processing TA, and, of course, being part of the group of students who helped develop Maudine’s Berry Patch ice cream. Big thank you to all the RJF’s lab members for making my time at OSU memorable.  Silvette received a PhD and was advised by Dr. Rafael Jimenez-Flores.