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Food Science and Technology News: FST Special Edition Newsletter – 2023 Autumn Semester Graduation

Congratulations to our FST AU23 Grads!

Our autumn 2023 graduating students have been given an opportunity to share with us some of their favorite memories of their time at Ohio State in this special edition newsletter. Many also took the opportunity to give a shoutout to those that supported them, befriended them, and helped make the journey one to remember.

Congratulations to all the students from the Department of Food Science and Technology who have graduated this semester. We are proud of all that you have accomplished and hope that you will stay connected. Come back to visit and be sure to meet up with us as we continue to engage in various professional food science forums around the world. Just remember, you are a #BuckeyeForLife

Be sure to check out the AU23 Graduate Photo Album, too.

Undergraduate Students
Joseph Bogdanovitch - My favorite memory at OSU was finding a gopher on my way to class biking with my girlfriend. [Food Science and Technology]
Zoe Bowers - My favorite memories from Ohio State include being able to be creative and make products in class that I get to actually eat and doing the Washington Post Crossword on Thursdays with the other seniors in the Parker lobby. I want to thank my fellow Food Science Buckeyes for making my time here so enjoyable and my family for being supportive in my Food Science journey! [Food Science and Technology]
Sawyer Henry - Firstly, I want to thank my mom, dad, and brother for helping me become the person I am today. Without them, this experience I have had at Ohio State the past 3 ½ years would not have been possible. Secondly, I want to thank all the professors I have taken classes under. The OSU Food Science Department has some gems as educators, and all the knowledge I have gained from them will be with me forever. Thirdly, I want to thank all the other fellow graduates and undergraduates I have worked with during my time here. I could not have asked for better classmates who helped me improve my experiences as a student, and for becoming friends that I will remember for the rest of my life. Lastly, after all the football games, final exams, study sessions, Ohio weather, and good times, I can truly say that OSU will always be my home and I look forward to the next generation of Buckeyes that come through this Food Science program. “Once a Buckeye, always a Buckeye.” GO BUCKS!!! [Food Science and Technology]
Celeste Miller - Some of my favorite memories are: working in the research lab with my fellow colleagues and getting excited about learning, uncovering results, becoming an inventor as part of a patent, and presenting research; going to football games; and attending college events. I want to give a shoutout to the entire RJF lab including Dr. Jimenez for having such a great impact on my undergraduate career. I also want to thank Kelly Elisar for all her support with Citation Needed and help with the general stress of being in college! [Food Science and Technology]
Immanuelle Polite - My favorite memory during my college years had to be when I took Food Processing 2400! It was my first food science class, and I had the best time learning about food science and made some great friends in the process! I would love to shout out: Dr. Pohlschneider for being a great teacher and confidant! Dr. Rodríguez for being a great advisor and encouraging and supporting me throughout my college years! And my classmates who made my journey so special! [Food Science and Technology]

Graduate Students
Allison Burg – My favorite memories were traveling with the lab to conferences as well as lab potlucks. Thank you to Dr. Simons for his guidance and thank you to the Simons lab for helping me run my experiment and always having great feedback! Allison received a master’s degree and was advised by Dr. Christopher Simons.

Chloe McGovern – One of my favorite memories from my time at OSU was the Notre Dame vs Ohio State home football game in 2022. My parents came to town for the game, and we had so much fun! Chloe received a master’s degree and was advised by Dr. Rafael Jimenez-Flores.
Devanshi Tyagi – Devanshi received a master’s degree and was advised by Dr. Melvin Pascall.
Dila Donmez – Dila received a PhD and was advised by Dr. Osvaldo Campanella.

Jane Fu – Jane received a PhD and was advised by Dr. Hua Wang.
Brianda Gonzalez Orozco – The start of my Ph.D. program in 2020 was incredibly exhilarating amidst the uncertainties of the pandemic. As I reflect on that time, I will always hold dear the excitement of embarking on this journey after persistently overcoming challenges. Collaborating with my lab colleagues on compelling research, partnering with the Know Food Waste club, and experiencing scientific conferences while traveling have all found a special place in my heart. These experiences have left me with truly cherished memories. Brianda received a PhD and was advised by Dr. Valente Alvarez
Erica Kosmerl – My favorite memories at Ohio State include making creative ice creams in the Dairy Processing course, attending the department’s Thanksgiving lunch, and tie dying lab coats with my fellow lab mates. Thank you to my advisor (Dr. Jimenez) and my lab mates over the years for making my time here so enjoyable! Erica received a PhD and was advised by Dr. Rafael Jimenez-Flores.
Chong Teng – It is extremely difficult to pick my favorite memory among all the fantastic moments during my 4 years here at OSU. There's one incident that stands out vividly in my memory. When I was playing badminton at RPAC, I was almost blinded when a birdy from a smash hit my eye and my vision became blurry instantly. Thanks to immediate care and the greatest luck I've ever had, my vision gradually returned to normal after two weeks. I am especially grateful for the help and patience from my advisor and my friends. However, this terrible experience didn't deter my passion for badminton. In fact, I was able to reach quarter finals and even semifinals in amateur badminton tournaments after this injury. More importantly, I have made a lot of friends during this amazing journey, who have constantly supported and encouraged me. Chong received a PhD and was advised by Dr. Osvaldo Campanella.