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Food Science and Technology News: FST Special Edition Newsletter – 2022 Spring Graduation

Congratulations FST SP22 Graduates!

Once again, graduating FST students have been given an opportunity to share with us some of their favorite memories of their time at Ohio State in this special edition newsletter. Many also took the opportunity to give a shoutout to those that supported them, befriended them, and helped make the journey one to remember.
Congratulations to all the students from the Department of Food Science and Technology who have graduated this semester. We are proud of all that you have accomplished and hope that you will stay connected. Come back to visit and be sure to meet up with us as we continue to engage in various professional food science forums around the world. Just remember, you’re a #BuckeyeForLife
Be sure to also check out the SP22 Graduate Photo Album

Undergraduate Students
Madeline Baker – My favorite memory of Ohio State was meeting people from so many different places and learning about their goals and where they came from! The people I met are the ones that made my OSU experience AMAZING!  [Food Business Management]
Eric Barbey – [Food Science and Technology]
Adrian Carroll – Spending time with my friends has been a major highlight of my time at OSU. I couldn't imagine my college experience without my amazing roommates I've known since Freshman/Sophomore year and my food science friends I've met along the way. Some of my favorite memories are going to concerts, Zoo Lights, Cedar Point/Kings Island, and making ice cream. I'd like to especially thank my mom, who has always been there for me. I'd also like to thank Dr. Jimenez-Flores and Dr. Ortega-Anaya for their mentorship on my research project and my academic and personal growth. It's been a great time!   [Food Science and Technology]
Grayson Craig –  My first-year trip to Trinidad is probably my favorite memory for all the amazing sights I saw.  [Food Science and Technology]
Rachel Ewing – [Food Science and Technology]
Meegan Gould –  My favorite memory at Ohio state was my dad’s 50th birthday tailgate for the Maryland game in 2019! I'd like to thank my parents Ron and McCristy as well as my grandparents and good friends Kirsten, Lydia, and Madison for supporting me on my journey.  [Food Science and Technology]
Lindsey Hancock – [Culinary Science]
Renata Irving – [Food Business Management]
Antwoine Kesler II – [Food Business Management]
Danielle Lev – [Food Science and Technology]
Kirsten Lower – One of my favorite memories was hanging out in the Parker lobby with friends in between classes. [Food Science and Technology]
Lauren Ma – [Food Science and Technology]
Dean Manning – [Food Business Management]
Thania Ortiz Santiago –  I wouldn’t be able to pick just one but for me the first year I transferred to Ohio State was memorable. Before transferring, I was a biology major and making the leap to the Food Science & Technology department here at Ohio State was a huge step out of my comfort zone. I would like to thank my parents Otilio Ortiz and Margarita Santiago for all the love and support throughout my undergraduate career. Without their support I wouldn’t be where I stand today and for that, I’m truly grateful. [Food Science and Technology]
Margaret Piker – [Culinary Science]
Antonette Pringle – [Food Business Management]
Ryan Renner – My favorite memory at Ohio State was getting to know so many people in my classes. Since most people in the major take the same courses, it was always a welcoming environment because we all knew each other. [Food Science and Technology]
Chuanyang  Shi – [Food Business Management]
Mason Spohn – [Food Science and Technology]
Lydia Tantalo – I’d like to shout out my food science friends, especially Meegan and Kirsten, and also my roommates and family. These people supported me through my time at Ohio State and I am so lucky to have them in my life. I have great memories from the FST Mentor program, especially apple pie making and bowling!   [Food Science and Technology]
Emily Thimmes – My favorite memory at OSU was participating in College Bowl and being able to compete against the other schools. It was a lot of fun and something I will always be proud of.[Food Science and Technology]
Brenna Vence – [Food Science and Technology]
Ruimeng  Zhu – [Food Business Management]

Graduate Students
Willow Chan - Every time Abbie Sommer walks into the office with these gorgeous, delicious homemade desserts to share with us. Free food is the foundation of many fond memories. Shoutout to Dr. Vodovotz and everyone in the Vodovotz lab for your support and kindness! Willow received a master’s degree and was advised by Dr. Yael Vodovotz.
Peyton Greenwood - Some memories I have are the Thanksgiving dinner in the department (before the pandemic), bike rides on the Olentangy river trail, visiting Coalescence and meeting the founders because it was nice to see a company established by African Americans in Columbus, and hanging out with/getting to know some of the students in the FST department (movies, restaurants, etc). I am thankful for my family who have supported me throughout my journey here and also for the connections I have made inside and outside of CFAES. Peyton received a master’s degree and was advised by Dr. Matthias Klein.
Jasper Limon - One of my favorite memories is from the first few weeks I was here at OSU. A group from our lab was gathered to prep samples for a jam consumer sensory study. Tim had made a Jam Jams playlist with all songs somehow related to jam and it was fun having a chance to get to know some of the people in the lab. Jasper received a master’s degree and was advised by Dr. Devin Peterson.
Theresa Pham – Theresa received her PhD and was advised by Dr. Devin Peterson.
Timothy Vazquez – Timothy received his PhD and was advised by Dr. Devin Peterson.
Yumin Xu - My favorite memory at Ohio is that I owned my first dog, Checkmate and because of Checkmate, I met my husband. My husband and I got our second dog, Phantom, when we got married at Ohio. I really appreciate my husband and two loving fur babies for emotionally supporting me through this PhD journey. Yumin received her PhD and was advised by Dr. Ahmed Yousef.