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Department of Food Science and Technology


Snack Food Association's Quality and Innovation Management Course

Sep 9, 2013 through Sep 13, 2013, 8:00am - 3:00pm

This five-day course is co-sponsored by Snack Food Association, CIFT, and The Ohio State University FIC. This course, named after Dr. Wilbur A. Gould, former SFA Food Technologist and Professor Emeritus, combines classroom lectures from the leading experts in food manufacturing with hands-on lab sessions where attendees can test and evaluate their own company's products.

This course provides an understanding of:

  • HOW snacks are manufactured
  • WHY quality is important
  • WHERE to emphasize quality control
  • WHAT instruments and methods can be used to measure quality
  • WHEN to make quality evaluations
  • WHO should take responsibility for ensuring quality

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