About Us

Welcome to the Department of Food Science and Technology at Ohio State!

Hello and welcome to the department of Food Science and Technology (FST) at The Ohio State University (OSU). Here at OSU, we combine world class faculty and staff with state-of-the-art facilities to give our undergraduate and graduate students the best experience possible. One of the main goals at OSU is to “put students first” and, at FST, we’re committed to making that happen. From a student perspective, we are one of the largest food science programs in the United States. We currently have about 150 undergraduates and 80 graduate students in our program. We offer a wide variety of specialized cutting-edge research programs that focus in areas such as food and health, emerging novel food processing and packaging technologies, and, food safety and quality programs. Our program also collaborates with and offers programs for the food industry. FST is committed to meeting the needs of our food and agricultural stakeholders in Ohio. There are a lot of great things going on here and we’re glad that you have an interest in our program. If I can answer any questions that you have or can be of help, please feel free to contact me.


Sheryl Barringer, Ph.D.

Department Chair and Professor