Research: Faculty Expertise

The Ohio State University

Department of Food Science and Technology

Faculty Expertise


Valente Alvarez, Professor & Director, Food Industries Center -  Dairy and food processing, research and extension. Industry-related research projects on new technologies, product development, ingredient functionality, product quality and shelf life. Food safety, GMPs and HACCP training.

V.M. (Bala) Balasubramaniam, Professor -  Food Engineering, Pasteurization and sterilization aspects of thermal and nonthermal food preservation technologies such as high pressure processing. Kinetic models for food safety and quality; food property characterization; safe processing parameters for pathogen reduction.

Sheryl Barringer, Department Chair and Professor -  Flavor volatiles. Coatings: electrostatic, nonelectrostatic, liquid and powder. Fruit and vegetable processing, especially tomatoes. Dielectric properties.

M. Monica Giusti, Professor - Functional foods, phytonutrients, natural colorants. Incidence, chemistry, analytical techniques, food applications and potential biological activity of polyphenols (with emphasis on anthocyanins) and other non-volatile phytochemicals.  Appointment in OSU Interdisciplinary Graduate Program in Nutrition.

Dennis R. Heldman, Dale A. Seiberling Endowed Professor of Food Engineering - Food engineering, with emphasis on process design to achieve maximum efficiency and optimum food product quality.  Application of simulation models to ensure food safety, while improving product quality attributes.

Rafael Jimenez-Flores, J.T. 'Stubby' Parker Endowed Chair in Dairy Foods -  Dairy Food Science, Technology, Processing and Molecular Biology. Chemistry and biochemistry of milk and dairy food components, application of molecular biology to assess of biological active compounds from milk and dairy. Proteomics and metagenomics applied to dairy.

Lynn Knipe, Associate Professor -  Processed meat extension for the Ohio meat industry. Joint appointment in Animal Sciences.

Jiyoung Lee, Associate Professor -  Pathways of pathogen transmission in water and food, climate change and its impact on infectious disease, ecology of water-food-climate linkage, microbial source tracking, and cyanobacteria blooms. Rapid detection.  Joint appointment in Environmental Health Sciences, College of Public Health.

Ken Lee, Professor -  Mineral-nutrient interactions in processed foods. Food safety and emerging technologies.  Director of the Ohio State Food Innovation Center

Farnaz Maleky, Assistant Professor - Material Science of Food, Nano-engineering of Food Systems, Food Structuring and Process Development, Mathematical Modeling of Food Physical Processes, Lipid Crystallization, Physical Chemistry of Lipid, Mechanical and Structural Properties of Lipid.

Melvin Pascall, Professor -  Food packaging with emphasis on integrity, modified atmospheric packaging, nano technology and plastics, migration/scalping, edible packaging, packaging material sanitization and food safety.

Mary Kay Pohlschneider, Faculty Lecturer  Internship Coordinator. Student recruitment and outreach, chocolate, meat processing, food safety and HACCP.

Luis E. Rodriguez-Saona, Professor -  Application of Fourier Transform infrared (FT-NIR and mid-IR) spectroscopy in the field of food safety and quality assurance. Development of predictive models for the rapid detection, identification and classification of chemical & microbial contaminants and food components with biological activity.

Steven Schwartz, Professor and Carl E. Haas Endowed Chair -  Carotenoids, phytochemicals and functional foods related to chronic disease prevention. Appointment in OSU Interdisciplinary Graduate Program in Nutrition & Comprehensive Cancer Center.

Christopher T. Simons, Assistant Sensory Evaluation and Psychophysics. Methodology Development.  Neural and physiological underpinnings of sensation, reward and consumer decision. Functional and cognitive benefits of flavors and food ingredients.

Stephanie Smith, Lecturer -  Generalist in Food Science & Technology.

Yael Vodovotz, Professor –  Bread staling, physico-chemical properties of carbohydrate systems and functional foods, water mobility and functional properties of food components, material properties of biopolymers and bioplastics. Appointment in OSU Interdisciplinary Graduate Program in Nutrition.

Hua (Helen) Wang, Professor  Antibiotic resistance, microbial ecosystems in foods and hosts, biofilms, lactic acid bacteria and Listeria monocytogenes, rapid detection of food borne pathogens and spoilage microorganisms. Appointment in OSU Interdisciplinary Graduate Program in Nutrition.

Brian Waters, Faculty Environmental stability, corrosion and antimicrobial activity of chlorine-based sanitizers, with emphasis on electrolyzed oxidizing water.

Ahmed Yousef, Professor and Bazler Designated Professor in Food  Food microbiology and microbial safety of food processed by novel technology.



Joshua Bomser, Associate Professor -  Molecular nutrition and functional foods. Courtesy, with Human Nutrition.

Mark Failla, Emeritus Professor -  Absorption, metabolism and health-promoting activities of food phytochemicals.  Courtesy, with Human Nutrition.

Gonul Kaletunc, Associate Professor -   Physical properties of processed foods and biomaterials. Courtesy, with Food Agricultural and Biological Engineering.

Jeffrey T. LeJeune, Professor -  Preharvest control of foodborne pathogens. Shiga toxin-producing E. coli, Salmonella, Campylobacter, and antibiotic resistant bacteria. Courtesy, with Food Animal Health Research Program.

Jianrong Li, Assistant Professor –  Food and waterborne viruses, viral detection, food safety, viral replication and gene expression, vaccine and anti-viral drug development. Courtesy, with Veterinary Biosciences.

Lydia Medeiros, Professor and Extension Specialist -  Consumer food handling behavior, evaluation of food safety education programs, and web-based education. Courtesy, with Human Nutrition.

Gireesh Rajashekara, Assistant  Microbiology, pre-harvest control of foodborne pathogens.  Courtesy with Food Animal Health Research Program.

Linda Saif, Distinguished University Professor - Development of vaccines, antivirals and adjuvants (probiotics) for enteric and respiratory or foodborne viruses. Diagnosis/epidemiology of zoonotic and foodborne enteric viral infections in animals including caliciviruses, rotaviruses and coronaviruses. Courtesy, with Food Animal Health Research Program.

Sudhir K. Sastry, Professor -  Mathematical modeling of heat transfer and verification of chemically heated products.  Courtesy appointment with Food Agricultural and Biological Engineering.

Macdonald Wick, Professor -  Meat biochemistry. Courtesy, with Animal Sciences.

S.T. Yang,  Fermentation and bioseparation research, bioreactor design, enzyme technology and metabolic engineering. Courtesy, with Chemical Engineering.



Bill Cornelius, Adjunct Professor -  HACCP training.

Ronald D. Harris, Adjunct Professor -  Food product development, management of R&D, decision sciences, operations management.

John Litchfield, Adjunct Professor  Industrial microbiology and enzyme technology. Food processing technology, food industry waste and by-products utilization.