The CAPPS Industry University Cooperative Research Center is pleased to announce a new Phase III Award from NSF for five years. This award provides a portion of the operational support for CAPPS and qualifies us to apply for future NSF IUCRC grants. It also provides our industrial member companies enhanced benefits via additional research and student support.


The Center for Advanced Processing and Packaging Studies (CAPPS) is a National Science Foundation-initiated program designed to foster partnerships between industry and universities for the mutual benefit of both parties and the advancement of food processing and packaging research.

The NSF- I/UCRC program model is designed to ensure all research undertaken by university sites is applicable and relevant to industry. The cooperative is designed to leverage industry funds for university research, thereby providing an alternative to federally funded research. In exchange for funding, industry members direct research at the sites and have access to university expertise and facilities. Currently approximately 40 NSF-initiated centers exist in various scientific fields at universities across the country.

CAPPS is The Ohio State University’s partnership with North Carolina State University and University of California-Davis, and is the only center in the food science/food engineering discipline. OSU is now the managing site for this multi-university center.

Expertise in food chemistry, biochemistry, nutrition, microbiology and engineering are among the research strengths available through CAPPS. Current programs focus on emerging technologies such as ohmic heating, high pressure processing, ozone processing, continuous microwave heating, and aseptic processing of particulates. The Center uses an interdisciplinary approach to solve problems for industry.